Granite paint.

Granite paint

Granite wall paint is  made up of water -in-water  emulsion environmental friendly  material and granite paint special additives the  advanced technology  can make the  real like  granite effect.


What makes our Granite Paint special is  mainly that  is  made of pure acrylic emulsion. through Water -in-water Micro Capsules Granulating technology.  we make different coated color granules to uniform and stabilized NINE Phase system which including  dispersion phase and continuous phase. 

The technology  surpasses  traditional  waterborne coating technology. The product has perfect simulation  effect. weather shield  and color  retention  performance. it  can  cover  fine  crack effectively.

Few Advantage of Granite paint

  • Waterproof weather resistance. chemical resistance for interior exterior .
  • Anti-algal, anti-fugal, anti-mildew, alkali-resistant and fire resistant
  • Great adhesion strong intensity. good flexibility
  • Excellent scuff resistance and durability performance
  • Easy to construction and maintain. Etc.

Why Esube Granite?

  • Nine Step paint
  • High quality materials
  • 100+ Granite paint projects completed
  • Above 5 years experiance in paint
  • 10 Years Guarentee
  • Qualfied paint experts
  • Great customer service

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