Water proofing.

From Basment upto terace waterproofing treatment

Water proofing

We are specialized in all types of Waterproofing  including below grade walls and slabs, blind sided walls, roof tops and between slabs, fountain, water features, above grade cavity walls vapor barriers, Substation, waste water and sewer system plants, potable and non potable water tanks special liners and negative side waterproofing.

Why us ?

Experianced Engineers

We lead by qualified building and hydraulic Engineers. These Engineers  assure your building safety.

10 Years Experience

We have 10 years of experiance in waterproofing and related works

We completed over 400+ projects

Across the country we treated above 400 projects.

10 years Guarantee

We provided 10 years of guarantee for our all waterproofing treatment.

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Liquid membrane water proofing

Liquid membrane is one or two component bituminous rubber emulsion with special hydraulically hardening fillers.

Areas of use:

Liquid waterproofing is an ideal membrane for internal wet areas, below tile waterproofing, decks and balconies, podium, trafficable decks, pipe entries.


Cemintious water proofing

flexible cementitious waterproofing membranes comprise a mix of dry cement and sand, and liquid latex. The materials are mixed on construction sites resulting in a relatively thin, cementitious liquid that can be applied by brush or roller onto different substrates.

Areas of use:

cementitios waterproofing system is designed for waterproofing concrete against water pressure in wide variety of structures such as ; swag treatment and water treatment plants, water tanks, concrete pipes ,manholes, potable water retaining structures, internal basement waterproofing and drainage culverts. 

Bitmus membrane waterproofing

Bitumen technology has proven by far to be the most reliable technology in waterproofing industry . Bitumen membranes are rubberized asphalt, modified plastomer or  elastomer bitumen. Most waterproofing are made with sbs modified bitumen and include a re-enforcement of non woven polyester  or glass mat.

Areas of use:

Torch applied membranes are mostly used for underground waterproofing, retaining walls, foundations and basments, roofs, tunnels and underground structures.

Products we use

we use these high quality materials for the above treatments.

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